• Lakers Kobe Bryant 35 points distal collapse

Rockets beat the Lakers at home to 130-110, extending a lifeline.Rockets (39-41) after a two-game losing streak to keep playoff hopes. James - Harden pointers 6 of 14 shots, scored 40 points and 13 assists, and Patrick - Beverly 19 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists, Trevor - Trevor Ariza 19 points, Dwight - Howard 9 points and 13 rebounds.The Lakers (16-64) five-game losing streak. - Kobe Bryant 10 of 22 shots, scored 35 points, Jordan - Clarkson 21 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists, Julius - Randall 11 points, D'Angelo - Russell 8 points.



The last time Bryant's career to Houston, but the Rockets did not mind too much for him to celebrate. Rockets have been pushed over the cliff, want to get into the playoffs, not just rely on their own efforts, but also Jazz's face.Before the game, one game behind the rocket Jazz. Even if the Rockets to victory, but also the Jazz lose, the Rockets have a chance to go beyond, to get the last Western tickets.Rockets only a game to fight, coach JB- Bickerstaff did not believe that the focus on the three games. "In this league, winning is always difficult," he said, "This is not an easy mix of alliances, we can not focus on two games or three games, our next opponent is the Lakers, we have to win, only efforts to fight possible. "

Bryant will not miss the opportunity to score, the first section under his former teammate Trevor Ariza prevent, still scored 15 points. After the Rockets to a 9-2 start, Bryant hit two consecutive shots, including a record third, the Lakers 7-0, quickly equalized. Harden also feel hot, and Bryant Biao points battle began, the first section Harden scored 11 points and three assists, the Rockets to a 29-27 lead.Beasley consecutive hits in the second quarter after the start, the Rockets to a 33-29 lead. Metta World Peace also to third, the Lakers scored seven straight points, to 36-33 lead. The two sides still locked in play, the Rockets was ahead 7 points, but the Lakers scored five points conclude this section, only the first half to 53-55 behind. Rockets bench played well, Beasley and Josh - Smith in the first half total of 15 points.

Bryant started the onslaught in the third quarter, the Lakers several times to close the gap. More than half of this section, Howard alley-oop dunk, Harden followed by shooting, the Rockets 76-64 to expand the advantage. Bryant layup lesson, followed by third succeeded, one after the 9-0, chasing the score 73-76. Three quarters Bryant has scored 29 points, 10 of 20 shots, including 4 of 9 from three-pointers. This section will end, Bryant hit third, the Lakers to 80-88 behind.Harden last a frenzied attack. The Lakers will recover as the score 91-93 after Harden and Terry have been shot. This Houha Deng twice in the third succeeded, the Rockets 108-96 to expand the advantage. Thirds two teams started the war, Beverley and Trevor Ariza also hit three-pointers, while Clarkson and Russell have been succeeded long shot for the Lakers.

Bryant twice fouled beyond the arc, the game 3 minutes 14 seconds when he was three penalty three, this is his last score in Houston. Since then, he has two steals, but shot. The game 1 minute 41 seconds, he was benched.Bryant throws three balls later, the Lakers never failed to score, the Rockets 10-0 to end the game, the continuation of the playoffs hopes.