• NBA 2K16 TBT with DiamondWilliams

This week's NBA2K16 MyTEAM TBT includes DiamondWilliams (57 pt. game), Allen '08, Arron Afflalo '14 & Nenê '09!



2013, Deron Williams against the Bobcats got 57 points and six rebounds and seven assists.

In the past 26 years, be able to single-game scoring 57 points and six rebounds and seven assists players, a total of only one, he is the "General" Arenas. December 17, 2006, was played for the Wizards Gilbert Arenas scored 60 points, eight rebounds and eight assists and two steals in another game with the Lakers. Williams also became the second in 26 years to play so gorgeous data player.

The game, Williams spent a total of 57 points to get 29 shots, but in the last 26 years, the same can be like with so little Delong scored 57+ shots a total score of four stars. They are - Karl Malone (26 shots to get 61 points), Jordan (27 shots to get a 59 minute, one 25 shots to get 58 points), Reggie - Miller (29 shots, 57 minutes) and Dominica - Wilkins (28 shots, 57 minutes). After this war, the success of Delong par four pupils, nearly 26 years to become the fifth can play so efficient performance of the players.