• NBA 2K16 Nonetheless Can't Maintain Up With Stephen Curry's 'Unreal' Jump Shots

National Basketball Association’s (NBA) virtual game, NBA 2K16, is unquestionably getting some problems on ways to portray the greatness of Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry, especially the out-of-this-world shots of the reigning MVP which can be far from the marked 3-point line designated by the league.

Based on the Basketball Reference, Curry has currently created 369 lengthy bombs in a 46% 3-point field purpose percentage. It truly is now the existing record inside the league for many 3-pointers inside a single season, surpassing his personal record last season with 286 made shots behind the trifecta.



Provided the fact that the Warriors star has been seriously great in creating these kind of shots, what tends to make him extra extraordinary is the fact that he's consistently draining deep 3s from 25-28 feet away from the basket, which can be just 3-feet away in the halfcourt stripe of your court.

While fans are definitely enjoying each game of your reigning MVP and his team, 2K developers, however, are possessing some troubles with Curry. While they've already tweaked the player’s avatar, it can be nevertheless not sufficient for the reason that Curry has been defeating his virtual self with regards to shooting the ball along with the way he has been creating shots off the dribble.

“To be fully truthful, we're still looking for strategies to better translate [Curry’s] game into NBA 2K,” developer Mike Wang told Forbes. “He’s a ‘rule breaker’ with regards to jump shooting… he becomes an issue inside the video game world exactly where we’ve been looking to train our gamers [to know] that particular forms of shots would be rewarded versus other folks,” Wang added.

The 2K developer also admitted that he plus the studio would need to invest a lot more time in improving the game for them to present Curry much more accurately not just inside the NBA 2K16 but at the same time as in the future versions of your game. “For Steph, we have to have to re-define those guidelines in order that his virtual character is capable to make some of the insane plays that he makes in real life on a more common basis,” mentioned Wang.

Furthermore, IGN was told by Wang that they have currently adjusted Curry’s in-game gameplay, and that they will continue to create some modifications to the player’s avatar to “move a bit closer to reality.” Plus, he also mentioned that the enterprise is organizing to adjust the shot system to be able to “fully realize the uniqueness of Steph’s play.”

Meanwhile, Curry’s team, the Golden State Warriors is still in pursuit of history as they attempt to break the NBA record for many wins in a single season, which was set by Michael Jordan’s ‘95-’96 Chicago Bulls using a 72-10 standing. The Warriors is at the moment sitting on top with the Western Conference of your league using a 69-8 win-loss record, and they still have 5 additional games remaining.

Going back to NBA 2K16, it is undeniably intriguing as to how the developers will further tweak Curry’s character to accurately fit his game. Although fans are clearly waiting for the modifications, for now, we must just enjoy the existing version of Curry’s character within the game. Share your thoughts within the comment section below.