• Rocket Knight reversal

LeBron - James sidelined, the Cavaliers in the leading 20 points in the case was overturned rocket, home to 100-106 defeat.

Rocket two-game losing streak, holding eighth place in the West. James - Harden scored 27 points, eight assists and six rebounds, Trevor - Trevor Ariza hit a key three-pointers, scored 15 points and six rebounds, Dwight - Howard 3 vote 2, had 11 points and 11 rebounds Patrick - Beverly 10 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists. Bench - Michael Beasley scored 17 points and eight rebounds.

Cavaliers (52-22) continued to hold the eastern part of the first. Carey - Owen scored 31 points and eight assists, Kevin - Loew 13 points and 11 rebounds, Iman - Hong Porter 11 points off the bench Tristan - Thompson had 16 points and 10 rebounds.

Houston has come to life and death Competing moments, but failed to show the highest level, especially Howard, few offensive opportunities, the first center coalition momentum vanished.

Before the game started, the Rockets and Mavericks with 36 wins and 38 losses, the Rockets to fight advantage to be ranked in the eighth. After the game, the Rockets 0.5 field advantage.



Do not face James, the Rockets are a godsend, they almost wasted opportunity. The first section has not yet 2 minutes 09 seconds, Terry-thirds vote, the Rockets to a 24-16 lead. Thompson 4 consecutive free throws the ball, Jones hit three-pointers in this section there are 11.2 seconds when Beverly and cause foul, vote with a penalty scored 4 points, Knight only 24-26 behind. This is Thompson played in 362 consecutive games, a record for the Cavaliers, who scored six points in the first section.

The first section of the rocket eight people took turns to score, but Beverly had three fouls. Section II rocket in trouble, Knight was blow. Williams and Jones at the outset of this section have been hit the third, the Cavaliers will score beyond. This section and 7 minutes and 58 seconds, Maike Dan Daniels for the rocket hit the third, chasing the score 35-38, but the next three minutes, the rocket failed to hit a ball, the Cavaliers played 9-1 after 47 -36 widened the gap. This section in turn most 4 minutes 10 seconds, the rocket in trouble again, not shooting, Knight shot a wave of 12-1 after the first half to 59-41 ahead.

Rockets had 14 points in the second quarter, but the Cavaliers scored 35 points. The second half, the Rockets finally found the feeling, began large-scale counterattack. Section III, Beverly thirds vote, the Rockets will recover as the score 54-66. Loew also to the rear third, Beasley twice succeeded, the Rockets continue to fight back. The gap between the two sides reached up to 20 points, but the Rockets scored 31 points, three after chasing the score 71-84.

Harden beginning in the fourth quarter hit three-pointers, one scored seven points, after his teammates several times, the Rockets 23-7 wave of attacks began this section, in the game 3 minutes 42 seconds, Harden assists, Beverly hit the third, the Rockets to a 94-91 lead. Knights in the last four minutes failed to score until there are 2 minutes 44 seconds in the game, only Owen throws a ball. Beasley Thereafter offensive foul, Owen shot back, in the game there are 2 minutes 17 seconds, the two sides battle 94-94.

Howard was sent to the free throw line, made two free throws, the Rockets ahead again. Thereafter Harden hit the third, the Rockets to a 98-94 advantage, but also immediately Owen also to third. The two sides began unexpectedly thirds war. Competition also 17.3 seconds when Ariza hit third, the Rockets to a 101-97 hold its ground. Owen failed to hit a key shot, got the rebound after Beasley, Harden hit two free throws, the Rockets lead six minutes.

Thereafter Ariza fouls from behind the arc, three free throws after Owen III, to narrow the gap to three points, the game regeneration variables. But Thompson was blown foul, Howard throws a ball, Harden sank two free throws, the Rockets victory.