• MyNBA 2K16 Curry onslaught victory lane

It is well known in NBA 2K16, the library "abnormal quasi" For developers 2K is a problem. They must find a way to limit the game Curry unreasonable point shooting, but it really is the real forte Curry Competition. And as "NBA 2K16" series of cards with hand tour "MyNBA 2K16", the property value is still Curry burst table, and a brand is hard to find.
"MyNBA 2K16" is a 2K's basketball player card class travel, as the third in the series of the game, players can still through the Xbox, PSN, Steam and other 2K Games account login, the game can also log in with Facebook or game center . And the previous two is different is that in the latest games, fast games and street basketball new mode is added to the game, players can take advantage of one minute fragments of time to resolve the fighting, more can also be synthesized by high property and street basketball mode card.



March 15, 2016, the newly elected player of the week in western Stephen Curry in "MyNBA 2K16" also continues the myth of value burst table, offense, defense, rebounding, ball control, values ​​are above 3000 can be described as players who dream of starting an essential dream card! Xiao Bian is also only in the Great God card Division lineup ever seen this legendary card true capacity as a single-season three-point record and chart history thirds record holder, set this value Guards for libraries where it is indeed reasonable.

Known as the NBA point guard in the history of the most horrible, Curry hit rate is very high in all regions of the offensive, the attack is set up to the value of 3686, is not an exaggeration. The defense, Curry had known NBA elite defender, Clippers coach has said that if the library what point is undervalued, and that is his defense. So in the card value is set, the library became the most defensive value of the four values, up to 3717.

Although the legend is not easy to obtain the card, but the saying goes, Qinnengbuzhuo, in addition to luck and chance, the game's daily tasks, fast game mode, and the game has special events all the time and to give players experience card the fastest way licenses.
Under normal game mode, players before the game can start to develop their own playing this game players to adjust combat forces, then choose the players want to play against the team goal. Through participating in the season, the players have a chance to win the player of the season award card, open to a lot of big R legendary grade cards will be coming out in season mode.

As novice players, but also worry about their own pre-game players too, after signing the player game, you can get a lot of free random players card, expand their library. The game is the most worthy to participate in fighting the conflict can be described as novice players to quickly enhance the strength of conscience activities. In each round the player can choose different difficulty score, win will give the corresponding score, the higher the score you get better rewards.