• Harden 34 points and the Rockets failed comeback

Rockets 101-104 loss to the Pacers away to rocket (36-38) failed comeback, but still in the first eight western. James - Harden scored 34 points, eight rebounds and eight assists, Trevor - Trevor Ariza 14 points, Dwight - Howard 11 points and 10 rebounds.
Pacers (39-34) adventure through - Paul George scored 25 points and 11 rebounds, Monta - Ellis 23 points, seven assists and six rebounds, Ian - Maxin Mi 19 points and 11 rebounds .Both teams in the playoffs circle, but not much advantage, both sides had to fight for the tickets. This is a normal regular season, but evolved into the playoffs as tight as the Rockets trailed by double digits in the case of catch up, both sides before a winner at the last moment.

Since the Mavericks lost today, so the Rockets still maintained eighth place in the West.

George, an opening to hit the third, the first section of the middle, he hit consecutive one person scored 6 points, the Pacers to 17-10 lead. Walker was leading 9 points, Brewer and Harden have been fired back, the Rockets also to a wave of 9-0, to tie it at 21-21. George has since hit the third, Starkey also succeeded long shot, the Pacers 30-24 end of this section. George first section 6-9, one scored 16 points. Rockets starting five have scored for Houston, but from behind the arc, they shot 1 7.

Section George reduce shot, shot only once, a scoreless, but the Pacers bench force, they continue to expand the advantage. Howard beginning of this section even tape a penalty scored three points, the Rockets will narrow the gap to 3 points, the Pacers have been given a lesson by the Maxin Mi and Myers, quickly opened a gap. This section and 7 minutes and 36 seconds, Maxin Mi layup, the Pacers to 42-31 lead. Pacers 26-15 in the first half off the bench to score the Rockets bench pressing to 57-47 double-digit advantage. Harden scored 10 points for the Rockets, George is still 16 points.

George outset in the third quarter hit three-pointers, the Pacers continue to expand the advantage, this section there are 7 minutes and 58 seconds, fast-break layup after a steal Ellis, the Pacers to 67-51 ahead 16 points. Harden also to third, Brewer even vote with a penalty scored three points, the Rockets began to fight back. Outside finally regained touch, after more than half of this section, Harden and Trevor Ariza in 1 minute hit three-pointers, quickly tie it at 70-70. Draw the two sides several times, and after three, the Rockets only to 79-81 behind.Harden and Trevor Ariza have succeeded, Beasley layup, the Rockets to a 6-0 start the fourth quarter, which lead to 85-81, which is after them from the first quarter, for the first time lead. Mahinmi basket twice succeeded, the Pacers regained feeling, more than half of this section, George hit the third, the Pacers 93-92 lead.

The two sides into a bitter struggle. Game 2 minutes 33 seconds, Brewer hit two free throws, the Rockets only to 99-100 backward. But then the Rockets missed again, the game also 17.9 seconds, Harden not in the third, the Rockets had to foul. Mahinmi two free throws, the Pacers 103-99 lead.Overall few shots Howard also to a ball game when there is 6.5 seconds, the rocket will narrow the gap to 2 points. Ellis made two free throws only one, leaving the Rockets to 6 seconds of the shot clock. Terry critical moment not in the third, the Pacers grabbed the rebound, the final whistle, they adventure through.