• NBA 2K16 will make video game Steph Curry as superior as genuine life

Stephen Curry broke the video game mold. Actually. You can not do in NBA 2K16 what the Golden State Warriors' superstar does in genuine life because his game around the genuine court is also hard to comprehend with the checks and balances inside the video game coding. But just after winning the initial unanimous MVP in NBA history, that is all going to transform for 30 hours.


Below Armour announced on Tuesday that for 30 hours starting on Thursday following Game five of the Warriors' series against Portland, 2K16 will bump Curry to a 99 general rating. This may apparently make him the greatest shooter in NBA 2K history.

This can be a quite cool promotion and celebration of Curry's unprecedented, unanimous MVP. He's just the 11th player in NBA history to win back-to-back MVP awards, and as Beneath Armour's prized sponsored athlete, it makes sense for them to make such a push to celebrate him within a clever way.

On the other hand, when you assume bumping his 2K16 rating to 99 is going to produce him a greater shooter than what I was in a position to do with Matt Carroll in NBA 2K7, you are dreaming, Under Armour.